Siva: Jaybird, I don’t want to be mean, but could you just remember the words?
Jay: Listen guys, I have never pretended to be good at my job, okay? (x)

don’t get your hopes up kids nothing happens when you do


People are saying it’s wrong to say that it would be alright if the wanted came back without Nathan, but why is it? Obviously it wouldn’t be the same without him but if Nathan doesn’t want to ever rejoin with the rest of the band but the others do, why should max, tom, jay and siva be held back by him? And I’m NOT hating on Nathan, I love him to pieces. If they didn’t think they couldn’t do it without Nathan then they would’ve cancelled last night. I know people won’t agree with me but this is just what I think.


danandkatycapital: We’re not gonna lie, @TheWanted have some of the best moves around #FusionCapital